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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Roles of the Writer : Wardrobe Mistress, Makeup Artist & the Hairdresser

Working with the Public Relations Manager is the Wardrobe Mistress, the Makeup Artist and the Hairdreser. They're responsible for making the Writer look good. They decide on how he/she should look, what they should wear for an appearance, the right make up and hair style. Even helping the writer come up with a 'brand'. For instance, one writer wears a 1940s hat, another a huge floppy hat with a long feather and another wears something with a cat on it.

Since this is the impression left with the reader, these are very important roles.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Roles of the Writer : Sales and Booking Agent

The next crucial roles of the writer is that of Sales and Booking Agent.

The Booking Agent is responsible for searching for and setting up appearances. Sometimes its for signings at local bookstores, other times on panels at conventions, both locally and out of state, and if fortunate enough to be invited Writing Conferences.

The Sales Agent sells the product. This isn't just the work but also the writer his/her self. They convince the would be reader why the book would be enjoyed by the perspective buyer.

Both these roles work closely with the Marketing and Public Relations manager.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Roles of the Writer : Business, Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Writers are also their own Business Manager. They have to make sure their work gets done on time and is turned in. Doesn't matter is they're working for someone else, like editing an anthology, or getting a story in by deadline while freelancing. It keeps the writer motivated to play all the other roles they must in order to succeed.

The Marketing and Public Relations manager are tightly intertwined. They work together to put up a website, open a Twitter account or Facebook page. Then, the correct information must be provided to forward the writer's career. Not to mention knowing what to say during public appearances, like signings and convention or conference appearances, and what materials to have with them to boost sales.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Roles of the Writer : Writer & Editor

At their heart, writers are writers. They enjoy playing with the words and putting together stories. If it was all they had to do, they would , so to speak, be in heaven.

However, in today's market, the roles writers play are more involved. Many also become editors working independently or for a publishing house. They help other writers become better at their craft often by correcting grammar or punctuation or finding plot holes you could drive a truck through. Some edit anthologies.

They also freelance for businesses as technical writers with assignments that can range from scientific documents, computer instructions, department procedure manuals, job descriptions, vendor letters and any thing else needing their special talents. Many make their living this way while they toil away at their own creative endeavors.