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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Bionic Woman - A Strong Female Character

I've been sick for a couple of days, so I spent some of my downtime watching season 1 of The Bionic Woman. It was nice to have a female heroine who did NOT fit the traditional role model. Jamie, played by actress Lindsay Wagner, was a smart, intelligent woman, who had small breasts, not large ones as is popular today.  Rather thick legs, which are noticeable because she jumps up on buildings and over fences constantly. Dressed fashionably, taught school and went on dangerous missions where she was more than capable of protecting herself.

It was also fun to note that the taboo of male co-workers touching her, which is NOT allowed today, wasn't off limits then, and makes the interactions between the characters far more believable. It softened the men, made them easier to connect with, and showed how strong Jamie really was.

Granted, there are some not so good episodes. That's true of any series. But it also gives writers a chance to view a strong female character, who embraces her feminine side, an opportunity to discover how to create someone the audience will love.

The Bionic Woman was a wonderful character study well worth any writer's time. Her one character flaw was missing parts of her memory, which made her romance with Steve Austin, Lee Majors, the Six Million Dollar Man, an up and down business, where the watcher never was sure if they'd ever get together again.

Supported by Oscar Goldman, Richard Anderson and Dr. Rudy Wells, Martin E. Brooks, who appeared on both shows, the bionic pair went on many adventures together and separately. Had many love interests, and I won't spoil for you what ultimately happens with the two. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Making Progress

Made good progress on a couple of novels. Completed chapter 6 for Thunks in the Attic. Had to go check the doll house it's based on for a few details. The story is beginning to shape up and should be easier to complete. Although I say that cautiously since the unexpected can always happen.

Also wrote chapter 2 for the sequel to God's Gift. One part is well plotted out while the other has some points to be covered with others left open. The story will take some surprise twists and not go where the reader expects it to. That's a good thing both for the writer and the reader.

MileHiCon is fast approaching. That's the local Science Fiction Literary convention. Myself, along with many local and out of town writers will be there. It's in October.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Upcoming releases

Upcoming releases at MileHiCon from WolfSinger Publications.

1. Tails from the Front Lines. Official release date is Veteran's day.

2. Different Dragons 2. Below listings are the contents and authors.

Introduction : These are the Tales – Dana Bell
The Dragon’s Keeper – David Lee Summers
The Stalker – Lynn Donovan
Such is the Jungle – Quincy Allen
Changling – Rebecca McFarland Kyle
Suntosun Shipping – G.L. Francis
Of the Generation – Therese Arkenberg
Dot’s Lunch – The Watchers along the Line  - Dave Withe
His Lucky Color is Gold – Rebecca Leo
Hargmir, Ghost of Dragons – David Turnbull
Space Wings – H.A. Titus
Asim’s Gift – Kathryn S. Renta
Mr. Long’s School for Girls – Rob S. Rice
Bessie Returns – Christine Hardy
Amélie’s Guardian – Bryan Thomas Schmidt 

3. God's Gift. My new novel. Back cover below.

“God told us you were coming, tell us about His son.”
Major Larry Henry had never expected to hear those words spoken by an alien race. Let alone one with sharp claws and fangs they used for hunting and could easily shred him, his youngest sister and her boyfriend to shreds! But when his other sister Susanna and their good friend Kal Devon disappeared from their colony, Larry and the rescue party made the astonishing discovery they weren’t alone on Galilahi.
Yet Kal had hinted there were secrets being kept from the colonists. Both his friend’s sister and Susanna’s husband had been killed in hover accidents. The civilian and military leaders made a show of agreeing in public while Larry knew about the conflicts between them. Susanna had made discoveries about the dark fates of earlier colonies. Not to mention a jump in technology which should have taken centuries of evolution not just a few decades.
Now stranded on Galilahi with no way to relocate or return to Earth, Larry found himself wondering if the human colonists could co-exist with the feline natives or if human history would repeat itself.
Or did the God Larry believed in and trusted, have another plan none of them knew about?