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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Interview for A Flame in the Dark : Monsters!

I've had a story accepted for 'A Flame in the Dark: Monsters!' titled 'More Lives'. For today, please to to the above link and read the interview.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Definitely Sympathize

I got a good lesson over the weeknd on why it's important to give agents and editors a break during conference.

I'm editing an anthology called 'Different Dragons'. While attending MileHiCon, our local literary Science Fiction Convention, I spent most of my day Saturday taking pitches, or having my brain picked for information on writing. It got to the point that I went and hid at my publishers dealer's table, just to get away from writers.

It's not that I minded taking their pitches or talking with them. There just comes a point when I needed a break so I could talk with the next writer who wanted a bit of my time and experience.

This being said, the next time I see an editor or agent in the bar, or in the ladie's room or some other place, I'm going to be mindful that I need to respect their space and give them time to themselves.Yes, they're there to take pitches, as I was over the weekend, but sometimes, they need to be allowed to enjoy themselves and recharge their 'engines'.

Yes, I'd love to pitch, but I need to ask if it's a good time and if it isn't, arrange to talk with them later. In the long run, it will be better for me, or even you, the want to be published writer.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Time Traveling Coffers & MileHiCon Schedule

Time Traveling Coffers, an anthology I edited, has been released and is available from Amazon. It centers around objects being responsible, directly or indirectly, a time travel adventure. Twelve established and up and coming / new writers contributed stories.

Amazon Link:

Also, MileHiCon, Denver's local literary Science Fiction convention is October 19-21st.

My schedule is:
Friday : 6-7 PM  - The Next Buggywhip.
Sunday : 10-11 AM - Playing with Participants ; 2-3 PM - When Bad Marketing Attacks ; 3-4 PM - Time Traveling Coffers Group Reading ; 4-5 PM - TTC autograph session. 

I will be around the convention the entire weekend. Look for me at the WolfSinger Publications table. 



Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Write when you can

I've started back to work and finding time to write has been hard to come by. However, since I have several looming deadlines, I finally sat myself down and started two short stories. One is for a particular anthology, the other is answering a question I've asking myself about the series I am working on.

Granted I will have to work on them daily instead of one long session which is what I did while unemployed. Yet I know they'll both be completed even if it takes several days.

Lesson here, use the time you have to work on writing projects, even if it's only an hour, and you'll be amazed at how much you've accomplished at the end of week. I myself wrote half a novel during lunch hours while working one of my previous full-time jobs.

It works fellow writers. And you'll feel like you've actually accomplished something productive with your day.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gleeful Rewrites

One thing I've learned, if an editor likes a story well enough to ask for a total or partial rewrite, the writer should happily oblige and resubmit the piece. It's paid off in the past for me several times and I suspect many times in the future as well.

Stories that have been published by my doing so:

'Isis' in SFST#6 Space Battles, Flying Pen Press. I've gotten an invite for another anthology with the same editor - this one with several big name SF writers who will be contributing.

'Oasis'  in Strange Halloween, Whortleberry Press- not to mention a wonderful personal note from the editor for my creativity in finding a new angle for a vampire story. She also asked for a rewrite on a Christmas story currently submitted.