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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Collaboration and a new Tween series

Yesterday during Denverfilk I got a few minutes to talk with my two young collaborators. We're working on a possible Tween series and did some brain storming on characters, plot ideas, and some different monsters we could introduce. While we're in no hurry to launch the series, the first book isn't even written yet, I do hope to start marketing it by early next year. Not to mention more collaborations over the summer with my two young friends. And yes, their parents know what we're working on. I would not be doing this without their permission. So stayed tuned for updates as this Tween series unfolds.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo

Most are familiar with NaNoWriMo which happens every year in November. For the past couple of years I've participated finishing the first draft for 'Worth the Wait' at over 50,000 words (my first romance) and then the next session completing 'God's Gift' and several short stories. I'm uncertain if I can participate this year. However, I got an email for Camp NaNoWriMo which will happen in June and also in August. Sooo...I signed up for June. My goal - finish 'Winter Emergence' or at the least the first draft. Already, I have several who have requested I be in their virtual 'cabin' where we will hang out and encourage each other. It'll be fun. As the month progresses. I'll keep everyone updated on how it's going. Better yet - join me in camp!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Never Been Happier

Every week, at least when I'm able, I attend a group called Writers for the Journey. It's a local Christian writing group who encourages and supports each other. We celebrate rejections and cheer for acceptances. We're instructed in our craft so we can improve. There are write outs when we all come together and spend the time writing either on paper or our laptops. It's a celebration of the gift God has placed in all of us. And today, Terry Burns, a literary agent here for the Colorado Christian Writer's Conference in Estes Park, was our guest speaker. He shared the tricks of how to be shy yet still pitch to an editor or agent and market our books. Watching the faces of my fellow writers, I could see the 'light bulb' switching on as we all figured out how to use what he was teaching us in our writing career. More importantly, the question was asked, what really is our goal as writers? Is it to write lots of books? Is it to reach just one reader who needs the message contained in the pages of our novel or piece of nonfiction? In the world, success is measured by having a book on the best sellers list and making lots in money. For Christians, it's the one person who is reached with the message God has for them. In many ways, what Terry Burns said today made lots of sense. I write because I love to. I have many stories published for which I am never paid and to me, that doesn't matter. There's a message in them for someone. I also mentor up and coming writers. I have a huge heart to see them succeed. It's one of the reasons I edit anthologies. Would I love to be the next J.K. Rowlings? Won't lie and say that I wouldn't. I'd love to be able to write and not worry about having to work a day job. But the day job adds to my experiences and gives my writing more depth. Bottom line, as a writer I'm successful. Maybe not in the way most popularly think, but I'm following my calling and have never been happier.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

'Winter Emergence'

Moth's are tasty kitty treats. I have two cats, Maximillian and Adara who enjoy the nightly chase of miller moths who managed to sneak in the door and flutter around whatever light has attracted them. Watching them bounce around, leap in the air and finally catch their prey, are wonderful reminders of the powerful hunters they are descended from. As I watch them, I am in process of writing the second book in my trilogy, 'Winter Emergence'. It is the human story with sprinklings of what is going on with Word Warrior, Mute, Rowena, Indrani, and many others my readers were introduced to in 'Winter Awakening'. (WolfSinger Publications 2011 - available on Amazon and SmashWords.) My kitty babies inspired my first book and will continue to influence the next two books. So will Gray Momma and her five kittens who inhabited our back yard last summer. They were wild ones we watched and fed. Eventually, we trapped them all and they went off to a good foster home to be tamed so they could eventually be adopted. However, watching her behavior and her kittens gave me a good idea on how cats not familiar with humans would act. This will play a prominent role in my next book.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

World of the Writer

Today, I managed to rewrite chapter one of 'Winter Emergence', the next book in my trilogy. During Pikes Peak Writers Conference I had a read and critique session with Steve Saffel and he told me although it was well written, it didn't grab him. What did I forget? You always need a hook to grab the reader and pull them into your world. So, I rewrote the entire first page, moved information around in the chapter and did a much better job at 'showing' rather than 'telling'. The reader wants to experience the world through the character. A simple fact I had forgotten. Speaking of experiencing the world through the writer, I currently have a cat on my lap. She's purring, warming my legs, her gray fur is soft on my arms and her tongue rough as she tries to both bathe me and get my attention away from the keyboard. It's rather annoying. What first attracted me to bring her home were her vivid green eyes. Not to mention she took a toy away from a child who was trying to play with her. I decided then and there she'd be perfect to bring home and introduce to the 'boys' - my two senior cats. There was lots of hissing and 'why are you sniffing my tail?'In between her hiding under the wooden bench next to the carpeted stairs. What happened? Well, that's a tale for another day.