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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

'Winter Emergence'

Moth's are tasty kitty treats. I have two cats, Maximillian and Adara who enjoy the nightly chase of miller moths who managed to sneak in the door and flutter around whatever light has attracted them. Watching them bounce around, leap in the air and finally catch their prey, are wonderful reminders of the powerful hunters they are descended from. As I watch them, I am in process of writing the second book in my trilogy, 'Winter Emergence'. It is the human story with sprinklings of what is going on with Word Warrior, Mute, Rowena, Indrani, and many others my readers were introduced to in 'Winter Awakening'. (WolfSinger Publications 2011 - available on Amazon and SmashWords.) My kitty babies inspired my first book and will continue to influence the next two books. So will Gray Momma and her five kittens who inhabited our back yard last summer. They were wild ones we watched and fed. Eventually, we trapped them all and they went off to a good foster home to be tamed so they could eventually be adopted. However, watching her behavior and her kittens gave me a good idea on how cats not familiar with humans would act. This will play a prominent role in my next book.

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