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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Different Dragons Tentative Story Order

Different Dragons 2 - Accepted thirteen stories, one of which is a novella, for the anthology. Will be working on edits during the next couple of weeks, collecting bios, and then sending it off to the publisher.

Tentative story order

The Dragon’s Keeper – David Lee Summers
The Stalker – Lynn Donovan
Such is the Jungle – Quincy Allen
Changling – Rebecca McFarland Kyle
Suntosun Shipping – G.L. Francis
Of the Generation – Therese Arkenberg
Dot’s Lunch – The Watchers along the Line  - Dave Withe
His Lucky Color is Gold – Rebecca Leo
Hargmir, Ghost of Dragons – David Turnbull
Space Wings – H.A. Titus
Aism’s Gift – Kathryn S. Renta
Mr. Long’s School for Girls – Rob S. Rice
Bessie Returns – Christine Hardy

I'm very pleased at the variety & unique stories told in this collection.

Also, I presented 'How to do a Reading' to my writer's group, Words for the Journey, Tuesday morning. It went very well. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Release and more updates

Have read six more stories for Different Dragons 2. Four are accepted and two are iffy. Now have eight left to read, one of which is a novella. In fact, reading the pieces tonight, I've already picked my number one spot story. Nope, no spoilers until I finish reading and inform the authors.

Out this week, Dynamite and Diamonds 3, a gen fanzine. In it is my story Plan's Change. I'm already working on my third and final piece to finish out the series. If you like Stargate Atlantis, the film Change of Plans and Terra Nova, you'll have fun with this little tale. Best compliment I got was that I took the story in an unexpected direction. My readers thought I would go one route, and I went another.

Also this week, I presented 'How to do a Reading' to my writer's group, Words for the Journey. Everyone thought it informative. It even got several mentions on Facebook. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Good Start

I've started reading for Different Dragons 2. I have a total of twenty stories and have, so far, read six. Outcome was three will be accepted, one rejected, one iffy and one that may have potential with some revision. A good start for the new anthology.

I also received edits for Vampires Don't Sparkle 1. I changed a few things in my story and returned it to the editor. Must admit, I've never written an alternate history vampyre tale before. Funny thing is, most of it is based on actual events. Be interesting to see what people think of it.

Oh, and I just got an announcement about another dragon anthology being edited by Carol Hightshoe. Of course, I have to write a story for that one and have already come up with a great idea.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Different Dragons 2 update

My writing goal for this week was to organize my next anthology. I got it done!

Different Dragons 2 is now ready for me to start reading the stories and making my selections.

I also emailed the authors so they know what is going on. It's been a few months since they submitted, and for a few over a year. This will give them a chance to either cheer or tell me they're no longer interested.

Looks like my job will be difficult given the caliber of authors and the type of stories I know they can write.

Stay tuned for updates....