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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Release and more updates

Have read six more stories for Different Dragons 2. Four are accepted and two are iffy. Now have eight left to read, one of which is a novella. In fact, reading the pieces tonight, I've already picked my number one spot story. Nope, no spoilers until I finish reading and inform the authors.

Out this week, Dynamite and Diamonds 3, a gen fanzine. In it is my story Plan's Change. I'm already working on my third and final piece to finish out the series. If you like Stargate Atlantis, the film Change of Plans and Terra Nova, you'll have fun with this little tale. Best compliment I got was that I took the story in an unexpected direction. My readers thought I would go one route, and I went another.

Also this week, I presented 'How to do a Reading' to my writer's group, Words for the Journey. Everyone thought it informative. It even got several mentions on Facebook. 

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