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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What Works

Blogs done. Check.

Sometimes, this is the only writing I get done. But writing is writing - no matter what form it takes.

Part One on Collaboration done. Check. Sent to Collaborator. Check.

I spent part of Memorial Day writing my part of the collaboration I'm currently working on with fellow writer Julie Campbell. We're running slightly behind on our soft deadline, but considering winter hung on for a bit longer than normal and both of us are wanting to be outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, that's completely understandable.

Yeah, I know, the pros tell you to write everyday and sometimes, that works. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes, the only time that is available is on weekends, or a half hour before you have to get ready for work or maybe in the middle of night.

It's all about - what works for you - the writer.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hectic Week

Time flies and got away from me this week. So much so I forgot to post a new blog. Sorry about that.
My life has been hectic. I've been working on a baby quilt for an expectant mother at work and just completed it Tuesday evening. There have been usual errands to run and covering for two supervisors at work who were away on a company trip.

To say I have gotten no writing done is an understatement. However, with a three day weekend fast approaching, I am anticipating finishing the opening sequence to a collaboration piece.

Also, my fanfiction story, 'Recalled', has been published and I will be receiving my contributor's copy soon. In fact, the editor has asked me to write another piece or two for her. Luckily, the one I just sent I have set up for a sequel. Not to mention River Song is talking in my head asking for a piece about her to be written, with a few twists the readers won't see coming.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rediscovering comics and Denver Comic Con

On my day off I went to pick up my tickets to Denver Comic Con. Last year was the first time it was held in the Mile Hi City and attendance was 9000 on Saturday alone.

This year, with the legendary Stan Lee as one the guests, I suspect there will be even more attending.

The interesting part is that I've rediscovered comic books. I hadn't actually read any since my teens when I had a brief period of always checking the stands looking for the newest edition of my favorite superheroes. Today, I buy one now and again and enjoy the art work and the story lines.

I'm looking forward to attending Comic Con. If you're local or visiting from out of town, I'll be helping out at the WolfSinger Publications table in Artist Alley both Saturday and Sunday.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Different Dragons - now available in print

Different Dragons now available in print. Link above.

If you love dragon stories, you're going to love this anthology!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Different Dragons Released!

Dragons trapped on a spaceship, awaiting rescue from a human they raised as their own.
Ancient reptiles escaped the great flood via a portal and now wish to return.
In the desert a dragon lures children, animals and adults to its lair, and only a brave dog can rescue them.
A dragon arises in China and seeks to keep its hoard, while two con men try to steal it.
Searching for his father, a young man solves an ancient riddle and discovers an awful dragon truth.
Nanites, demons, and other mythical creatures join or battle the dracos, as do the humans who encounter them. 
These and other tales await within these pages, because here -  be Different Dragons.

Click Here to order an ebook copy - use coupon code TY73G to save 50% off the cover price of $5.99
(expires 5/15/13)

Print version COMING SOON

Copied from the WolfSinger Publications page.