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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Different Dragons Released!

Dragons trapped on a spaceship, awaiting rescue from a human they raised as their own.
Ancient reptiles escaped the great flood via a portal and now wish to return.
In the desert a dragon lures children, animals and adults to its lair, and only a brave dog can rescue them.
A dragon arises in China and seeks to keep its hoard, while two con men try to steal it.
Searching for his father, a young man solves an ancient riddle and discovers an awful dragon truth.
Nanites, demons, and other mythical creatures join or battle the dracos, as do the humans who encounter them. 
These and other tales await within these pages, because here -  be Different Dragons.

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(expires 5/15/13)

Print version COMING SOON

Copied from the WolfSinger Publications page.

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