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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


One of the problems of freelancing is finding the time to write. I tend to end up working at least one full weekend day, which is what I did on Sunday.

What did I do?

Put together the complete Different Dragons anthology, including a Dedication, Introduction and Writer's Bios.
Edited four pages for a possible freelance gig. One that I now have to set a deadline when I can have it done for the author.
Returned a contract, picture, bio and tag line for an accepted short story.

Working for yourself is not easy and it takes sacrifice and persistence. I wouldn't be the success I am today if I hadn't understood what it meant.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Different Dragons Update

This week I finished the last of the edits for 'Different Dragons'. They've been sent to the authors, along with contracts. Am now awaiting their revisions.

I got an excellent mix of local, out of state and out of the country submissions. Not to mention Urban Fantasy, Traditional Fantasy, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Weird Westerns and a few other genres.

Here's the list.

Dragon’s Hoard by Peter J. Wacks
ReIntroduction by Sarah Bryne
The Maltese Dragon by Sam Knight
Wake by Sheryl Normandeau
Phagan’s Shadow by M.R. Williamson
The Hilt by Matt Chatelain
Drakkon by Pamela  M. Nihiser
Portal to Freedom by Kessie Carroll
The Guardian by Rebecca Lickiss
HC SVNT Dracones by C. John Arthur
The Oklahoma Job by Darla Upchurch
Descendants of the Before World by     Kaitlyn Wooley
Time of the Month by Carol Hightshoe
The Gravestone by Tanner Colley
Rendezvous Point Alpha by Dave Withe
Homefall Search by Dana Bell
Brown and the Sand Dragon by Julie Campbell

WolfSinger Publications hopes to release this anthology by late March or April.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pet Peeve Words

 My major pet peeve as an editor are crutch words. What are those? Words authors constantly use to get them from point A to B because they have not yet learned how to do so any other ways.

 Most common offenders:
for a moment
to, with, of, 
and many, many others.

Why do I catch these? Because I have done and sometimes do this myself. I love it when an editor points this out so I can sharpen my skills as writer.

As an editor, I try to do this for my writers as well. My reward, seeing the improvement in their writing.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

'God's Gift' - Sneak peak

I recently re-read my next to be published novel, 'God's Gift'. It's a very good story about three siblings who find themselves on the last colonization ship to leave Earth before a super volcano erupts. Once they reach their new home they discover not is all as was expected, not to mention an intelligent feline race who first words to the human settlers is, 'God told us you were coming, tell us about His son."

The shocked reaction of the those who first contact the felines and the following events pushes apart the colony, forcing everyone to make a hard decision about what the true future of the colony is or isn't.

Due out hopefully in 2013 from WolfSinger Publications, it is an indirect prequel to my current novel 'Winter Awakening' and a fun spring board into more adventures that will be written in the Five Systems and Borders universe.

Chapter 1
Why does it always rain at funerals like on the holos? Lawrence wondered as he watched the dark cherry casket slowly lowered into the rain soaked ground.  Lightening flashed overhead followed by crackling deafening thunder.  He saw his sister flinch at the noise and he reached over to gently touch her shoulder.  Susanna gave him a grateful smile as tears ran down her pale face.    
Not for the first time, he wondered how God could have been so cruel and taken away the only man who had understood his brilliant sister.  Gary Gates had loved her and been willing to marry her despite all the traveling her career demanded.  Unfortunately, the two had met while she’d been working in London and the rest of the family had not gotten a chance to get to know him very well.
Water dripped over the edge of the black umbrella he held.  Larry shook it glad, because of the damp chill, he’d insisted on wearing his woolen uniform rather than the rented dark suit his mother had tried to convince him was better.  

“Do not mourn as unbelievers do,” the pastor began.
At least this preacher didn’t do the usual ‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust’ speech.   Larry guessed the man must be from a list provided by the funeral home since he didn’t know him from their regular church.
“Rather remember that we have hope, while others do not,”