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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What Works

Blogs done. Check.

Sometimes, this is the only writing I get done. But writing is writing - no matter what form it takes.

Part One on Collaboration done. Check. Sent to Collaborator. Check.

I spent part of Memorial Day writing my part of the collaboration I'm currently working on with fellow writer Julie Campbell. We're running slightly behind on our soft deadline, but considering winter hung on for a bit longer than normal and both of us are wanting to be outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, that's completely understandable.

Yeah, I know, the pros tell you to write everyday and sometimes, that works. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes, the only time that is available is on weekends, or a half hour before you have to get ready for work or maybe in the middle of night.

It's all about - what works for you - the writer.

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