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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Denver Comic Con

I spent the weekend at Denver Comic Con sitting at the WolfSinger Publications table. I'm thankful my publisher agreed to allow me to do this. She even made up a sign that I was there and had an announcement done on Sunday to say I was there.

The outcome was that ten copies of 'Winter Awakening' were sold. Another eight of the two anthologies that I edited 'Time Traveling Coffers' and 'Different Dragons'.

There were several folks who made a point to stop by. A woman and her two children who heard the announcement. A lady I rescued on the light rail. Someone who bought a copy of 'Different Dragons' on Friday night, learned I was there on Saturday and came back on Sunday to have me sign her book. A young lady I had met a Lifeway. And many others.

My most precious moment was when a young adult bought my book and asked to me to take a picture with her. I'd never had that happen and it was a bit of a surprise. But one thing I've learned from many of the pros, always be gracious with your fans and make them the highlight, not yourself.

I did take a bit of time to walk by and see the various film/TV guests. I'm not one to collect celebrities autographs. Richard Hatch was the only exception I've ever made to the rule. I got to say 'Hi' to good friends and fellow authors, David Boop, Peter J. Wacks, Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta. And enjoyed the various costumes people wore all the way from infants to those who are more mature.

Will I go back next year! Absolutely!!!!

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