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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Summer has arrived. Temperatures are the 90's this week and I really don't want to do anything. Maybe my biggest question is what happened to Spring? We had an elongated winter with snow storms well into April/May. After that is was chilly and then bam! Summer stomped in.

My own personal seasons have been just as stormy. The transmission went on my van in late fall and I ended up having to drive my husband's car for several months. My father-in-law had a major medical issue and landed in the hospital - while my husband was out of town. Then my father had an accident and broke his elbow.

After that my husband went to live with his dad for what was supposed a temporary unknown length of time. Two months later he returned and told me he didn't want to be married anymore.Of course, he did this just before CoSine where I was schedule to be one of the participating authors. I was pretty much in shock for about a week or so.

Eventually, I got a new car with my husband helping with the financing. I own my new vehicle free and clear of payments. Not only did I get all the features I wanted but over and beyond what I had asked God for.

I did start a new job in September and six months later, I got promoted. Having never been salaried before, I'm finding it a treat to not have to punch a time clock.

Now at work, we're starting a new season. Many of our seasoned agents have moved on to a new department and most on my team are all new. It's an exciting, busy and yet scary time.

As for my writing, I'm working on that as I have time. I talked to my publisher at Denver Comic Con and my new book 'God's Gift' will be released, barring unforeseen circumstances, later this year. 'Different Dragons' which I edited is out and I have writers fighting to get into Volume 2. There are two collaborations in the works and a few short story submissions in my future.

This season of change has taught me many things and I'm blessed to have God who watches out for me. I face the future with hope rather than fear.

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