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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Different Dragons Tentative Story Order

Different Dragons 2 - Accepted thirteen stories, one of which is a novella, for the anthology. Will be working on edits during the next couple of weeks, collecting bios, and then sending it off to the publisher.

Tentative story order

The Dragon’s Keeper – David Lee Summers
The Stalker – Lynn Donovan
Such is the Jungle – Quincy Allen
Changling – Rebecca McFarland Kyle
Suntosun Shipping – G.L. Francis
Of the Generation – Therese Arkenberg
Dot’s Lunch – The Watchers along the Line  - Dave Withe
His Lucky Color is Gold – Rebecca Leo
Hargmir, Ghost of Dragons – David Turnbull
Space Wings – H.A. Titus
Aism’s Gift – Kathryn S. Renta
Mr. Long’s School for Girls – Rob S. Rice
Bessie Returns – Christine Hardy

I'm very pleased at the variety & unique stories told in this collection.

Also, I presented 'How to do a Reading' to my writer's group, Words for the Journey, Tuesday morning. It went very well. 

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