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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Feline Companions and Loss

I am owned by cats. I currently have three, two older males and a younger female. While there are times their demand for attention is trying, like when I'm on deadline and editing a manuscript, I have to remind myself their time in my life is brief.

I've already said goodbye to three cats when their time came. Each of them are missed but life moves forward even with their loss. I will soon face the same again with my older boys, one of which his kidney's are failing and the other although healthy, is pretty much deaf and eventually, his health will fail. He's almost eighteen.

I was further reminded of this over the weekend when I visited friends. They have a cat who has mouth cancer and they have already scheduled a day off to take her to their vet and offer the final kindness. They are spending the last two days saying their goodbyes and absolutely spoiling her. They also recently lost one of their other feline companions.

I two, suffered cat losses a year and half apart. I know what they are going through and the mourning they have ahead of them. My two girls are missed, but they live on, at least in spirit, in my book Winter Awakening.

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