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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Successful Convention

It's funny to think that my measure on whether or not a convention was successful, is measured in how many pitches did I make, how many new projects did I pick up, and what other writing opportunities landed in my lap. Or even, did I find a new talent for something I'm working on?

This was the realization I came to at the end of Denver Comic Con this year. Did I accomplish the above? Absolutely! Am I going to talk about them? Not right now.

Instead, I'm concentrating on finishing this year's projects, even while I start planning years. Mind you, this is all in between working a full-time job, taking care of the house & the cats, and still having time to enjoy life. The latter very important to keeping me physically, emotionally and mentally healthy.

So, Denver Comic Con was very successful for me. Besides, the children loved the pipe cleaner dragons I gave away. More than one parent said 'Thank you.' That would have been success enough.

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