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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

You Never Know

Last of the edits done for Different Dragons 2. Whew! Worked over eight hours my last day off to get them done and sent back to the authors.

Then, I contacted Bryan Thomas Schmidt and asked to reprint a story he submitted for another anthology I edited a few years back. He said yes, so I zinged a contract off to him and got the latest version to include.

New Table of Contests

The Dragon’s Keeper – David Lee Summers X
The Stalker – Lynn Donovan
Such is the Jungle – Quincy Allen
Changling – Rebecca McFarland Kyle
Suntosun Shipping – G.L. Francis
Of the Generation – Therese Arkenberg X
Dot’s Lunch – The Watchers along the Line  - Dave Withe
His Lucky Color is Gold – Rebecca Leo
Hargmir, Ghost of Dragons – David Turnbull
Space Wings – H.A. Titus
Asim’s Gift – Kathryn S. Renta
Mr. Long’s School for Girls – Rob S. Rice
Bessie Returns – Christine Hardy
Amélie’s Guardian – Bryan Thomas Schmidt X 

Will be finishing this project as soon as I get revisions back. Then, it will go off to the publisher, WolfSinger Publications.   

 Sunday night, I went to an artistic gathering at a church I keep loose ties to. Got to hear a great speaker and meet some new writers and artists. My editor ear is always looking for new talent. Didn't really find any possibles, but you never know.

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