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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Post MileHiCon Report

Friday, 10/24/2014

Went over early to help my publisher, WolfSinger Publications, set up her booth in the dealer's room. When a break was needed got my parking pass for the weekend.

 First panel I attended was How Small Presses Chose Covers featuring several local publishers. They talked about the varying quality of artwork and freelancers looking for work. Some come through and some don't. Some work directly with the authors, others don't. Very interesting and educational.

Visited the art show. 

First panel I was on was Short Story Sampler, Vol. 1 Discussion & Readings. We talked the challenge, or not, of short story writing and each of us read an excerpt from a short story. I chose Pack Rule. It's a short story in the charity anthology Tails from the Front Lines. 

Afterward I was an autograph alley. Did more networking than anything else. Later, the writers had a huge networking event in the bar. Huge turnout and I met many new authors and artists.

Saturday, 10/25/2014

Arrived around tenish and attended the Secret Fans of Fan Fiction: Why I read/write it.
Delightful fun and a great discussions. Always is when fanfiction writers are violating copyright.

At eleven, I was on my first panel, So you Want to be in an Anthology. Much better turnout than expected. The three panelist, all of which have worked together before, shared our experiences, set the basic guidelines and allowed the audience to pick a topic for which everyone in attendance would be allowed to submit a story. Acceptance subject to story quality. We also came up with a second topic for which I am now the co-editor.

Spent a couple of hours hanging out with my publisher.

At three went to the 'Popcorn' Books/Movies/TV I Love and Refuse to Apologize for.
Fascinating look at bad movies, or some not so bad, books and TV shows that are watched for fun.

At four I managed to catch Michael Carroll before his panel. He did the cover of my newest book and I wanted him to know how thrilled I was with it. Signed his copy of my book.

Socialized with several fellow writers. We gathered around one of the tables in the main lobby and talked.

Back to my publisher until the dealers room closed.

Sunday, 10/26/2014

Arrived before the art show closed. Wasn't really looking for anything, but it's always fun to watch the last mad dash of buying that goes on before it shuts down and auction begins.

Mostly hung out with my publisher, bought beads, my one treat to myself, and a book directly from the author.

Had one panel late in the afternoon. Writing that is Adored/Obsessed Over
Fun discussions on various writings and took questions from the floor.

Con over. Said by to many friends until the next con.

One fun thing that happened. All the guidelines I took for my new anthology, and my publisher graciously allowed me to display at her table, were taken by writers. Yeah!

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