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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Doll Houses & Writing

Over the weekend our local museum sponsored the annual Miniature show. I spent most of Saturday touring the booths and discovering new little treasures I had to have to complete various in process projects. I also encountered one of the sellers who wanted a copy of my book, which of course, I pretty much promptly ran home and got for him. He was very grateful, and I think a bit surprised, that I had done that.

Granted I lived close to the hotel and it really wasn't that much trouble. Besides, I had lunch at home and then returned for a few more hours of shopping and talking to vendors I have gotten to know over the years. Not to mention looking at the various exhibits, local clubs and individuals love to show off their tiny scenes and doll houses, which are all a part of the fun. There is such creativity here.

Creativity I also use not just to build and decorate doll houses myself, but also use them in stories and upcoming planned books. Yep, you guessed it, all my houses have stories and eventually I'm hoping to turn them into a series of novels.

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