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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

'Recalled' - new fanfiction story

My apologies for not posting until later this Wednesday morning. I've taken on a position at work that holds more responsibility and am getting used to switching from sales agent to supervisor.

I have finished my massive fanfiction crossover and sent it to editor who asked for it. The title is  'Recalled', and I set story up to have a sequel or two.

Mostly the tale is about John Sheppard who is recalled by General O'Neill to go back to Atlantis. John is not happy since he's started a new life as Jason Danville, married and about to adopt four children. They travel to San Francisco where he learns the wraith Todd escaped from  Area Fifty One and is on the lose in Golden Gate park.

Meanwhile, the Kindred and the Charmed Ones, who have an uneasy truce, are hunting a new type of vampire or demon who is killing people in the park. Mixed in is the odd offer of Julian Luna both to assist and to buy P3. Do the three sisters trust him? Or does he another agenda?

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