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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My Cats

I'm having to wrestle with what I want and what makes sense. The battle right now is another cat. I go into the shops or shelters where there are adorable kittens and precious older cats who need homes. I talk with them, hold them when I can and then leave them in their cages.

I don't have a choice.

I know I can't bring home another cat until after my two senior boys pass. It won't be long. Both are having health issues. Their kidneys are failing. One is mostly deaf and moves stiffly. The other is getting more and more skinny. Not a healthy thing. If I wake up in the morning and they're still breathing, it's a win.

But the time is coming soon.

I know I will cry when I say my goodbyes. The most I can do right now is prepare myself, love on them and give laps. I have the precious knowledge they'll join Tabitha, Little One and Dids. They're all playing in heaven right now and awaiting the day I arrive.

I will have my youngest cat left. Original plans was that she would be my last. However, she needs a playmate to wrestle with and have games of chase with. So, when the right cat presents his or herself, they'll come to a loving home where they'll be welcome, after the initial hissing and introduction time passes, and live out life with me.

I just have to be careful I don't do the 'crazy cat lady starter kit'. I really don't want more than two cats. 

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