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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Of Course, Cats go to Heaven

My oldest cat, Sammy, was put to sleep tonight. He was calm and happy to sit in my lap. I asked God to send Little One and Tabitha, who he'd grown up with and had already passed, to meet him. Not only did He send them, but also Dids, who was my cat from years ago and had never met Sammy.

They waited patiently for the formalities to be over and comforted me while I waited. Jesus showed up too, kissing my forehead. When it was over and Sammy had exited his body, the girls greeted him. Christ then took them all with him to heaven.

While I will mourn Sammy's loss, I know he and my other cats are reunited. They'll be playing at Jesus feet until one day, I join them.

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