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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I'm on vacation this week. I only had a couple of things planned and am enjoying just being away from work and the regular schedule I'm forced to keep.

So far, I've done housework and laundry. Did a little shopping since I needed a new pillow.

Went to the zoo. Got to see the new snow leopard cub Misha at the Denver Zoo before she hid with mom in their den. At the Asia exhibit I showed up when the fed the fishing cat her dinner. It was fun watching her bounce through the water, catch her fish and then protect her back while she ate her fish. The tigers were up and marking territory. The other big cats did what they normally do - sleep when its hot.

Yes, I did see other animals. But my favorites are the cats. Besides, it doubles as research for future writing projects. I love it when what I know and my passions blend. Makes for great story telling. 

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