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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

AnomalyCon post report

March 28th-30th was AnomalyCon, out local Steampunk convention. I was one of the participating authors in attendance along with running an author table in artist alley.

Friday my first panel, after a long day at work, was Writing from an Animal's Perspective, along with Julie Campbell. We shared out collective experience and how to write from a nonhuman view before having those who attended write a short piece about how their animal would react to encountering a strange object. They all did very well.

My second panel was called Rite Reading, or How to do a Reading. I had two people attend and they both told me they got a great deal out of it.

Saturday I ran two writing workshops. A few people showed up and got to practice composing short peices.

Sunday I ran another workshop, which only one person showed up for. We ended up talking about the differences between secular SF/F/H and Christian Speculative. I heard later through a third party he really enjoyed it.

Not everything that happens at a Con is about what panels you're on. I ran into an old friend who had just launched his first graphic novel. He also got two chances to write short stories for anthologies, including one I'm editing. I also caught up with authors who currently have stories submitted to me and all were very understanding about why I'm behind due to life stuff.

I might also have an opportunity to appear at the Myths and Legends Con in August. I have already dropped an email to the author wrangler.

I also sold three copies of Winter Awakening and one copy of All About Eve.

One different thing I did, I gave away dragons made from pipe cleaners to all the children. I learned later the parents were very grateful. I will be doing the give away at future cons as well.

All in all - a wonderful con and I can't wait to attend again next year.

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