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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Supernatural Colorado story order (Tentative)

This week has been spent finishing up edits for Supernatural Colorado. Wasn't quite as challenging as I thought it was going to be. I edited four stories over the weekend and one on Tuesday evening. Now I'm waiting for the edits to come back in as well as bios from my authors.

Here's the list of stories, authors and the 'critter' they wrote about. 

Supernatural Colorado Story Order (Tentative)
Shadows of Deceased Ghosts : David Boop - Indian God
Wicker Children : Lynn Donovan - Vampire
The Other Cemetery : Frank Luke - Fairies
Guardian : J. A. Campbell - Unicorn
Grubstake : Guy Anthony DeMarco -Zombies, sort of
Cave of Sorrows : Carol Hightshoe - Indian ghost
Montague Plistiblick’s Snipe Hunt : Quincy Allen - Werewolf
Pookie the Pooka: R. Joseph Maas - Pooka
Rainmaker : Becky Kyle - Rainmaker
Thank you, Thad : Susan MacDonald - Mummy
Into the Home : Darla Upchurch - Tommyknocker
Tracking Old Moses : James Sams - Bear
Catharsis at Steamboat Springs :  Chris Barker - Yeti
Abandoned: Kessie Carroll - Alien
Entity : Todd Nelson - Ted Bundy
Find of a Lifetime : Dana Bell - Merpeople
The Vengeance of Felipe Espinosa : Pamela Nihiser - Headless Horseman
The Rocky Flats Fiasco : Peter Wacks - Rubber Duckie
Sunday I'll be putting together the final version and sending off to my publisher, Written World Communications. 

Then, on to my next anthology editing project.

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