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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Late last week I heard back from Written World Communications. They liked the sample stories I sent for Supernatural Colorado and wanted to see the completed anthology ASAP. Great news for all concerned. Problem is, I haven't quite finished editing yet.

So, I managed to get four stories back over the weekend and next weekend, I will finish the final four. Then I await the return of all revised submissions, so I can get the anthology put together and off to the publisher.

Deadline. The end of this month.

When I finish that one, I'm off to complete my next, even as I'm beginning to come up with an idea for next year's editing project. Nope. No hints as yet, but I've already had an author pitch an idea, and he didn't even know he was pitching. Told him to write the story and submit it.

Just goes to show, you never know when an editor is going to like your idea or what the outcome will be.

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