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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Exciting Things

Lots of exciting things happened last week.

First off, I found out Supernatural Colorado was rejected by WWC. Within twenty-four hours, it was picked up by WolfSinger Publications, contracts to the authors were sent about forty-eight hours later, and, a second small press offered to backup WSP, if needed.

To say the authors of the stories were thrilled, is an understatement. Many were already doing PR work on Facebook.

I still need to get the back cover copy to publisher. Unfortunately, my work schedule is such that I rarely getting any writing done except on my days off.

Second, I finished the first five chapters of my new book, Thunks in the Attic. I know Sky Warrior Books is thrilled.

Third, I talked with my collaborating author, J.A. Campbell, during Myths and Legends Con about our story. I will be working on it as well.

Fourth, I had so much writing related emails and matters to attend to, I got so overwhelmed, I actually ran away to a friends house. By the end of Saturday, I had them all taken care of, but wow! Everything does so seem to happen at once.

Fifth, I'm getting an opportunity to work with artists on several of my projects. It's experience I wanted, but sometimes it's a bit awkward. Like I'm the middle man, so to speak.

Sixth, I have a story coming out in Tails from the Frontlines. It's a good story and a spin off of my new novel God's Gift. 

Seventh, well, that's a surprise I'll share at a later date. 

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