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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Myths and Legends Con

With great anticipation I loaded up my car Friday afternoon and headed for the Myths and Legends Con on the northern end of town. After a white knuckled drive up I25, the one road I am terrified of, and sitting in traffic for an hour and half, I finally pulled into the parking lot of the hotel.

I arrived in time to meet Chris and walked with him inside. He pointed the way to registration and I got my badge, checked into my room, and took my luggage to the fifth floor.

I also discovered I had a table to sell my books. Lucky for me I brought them, along with dragons to give away. I didn't set up Friday night, but I spent the time catching up several other authors. I had two panels. One was on who our favorite Doctor was and who our favorite hero in Harry Potter was. Not many attendees which was nice since we included them in the discussion.

I retired to my room and edited the beginning of my next novel, Thunks in the Attic. I actually slept. I rarely do when I'm at a hotel. Awoke in time for breakfast, which was free and ate with two con goers who recognized my name as one of the authors.

Saturday began with one very early panel on Alien biology. Afterward I checked out of my room, partially repacked my car, and then set up my table. Visited with a new author friend Ashlyn, who I discovered lives not far from me. Am excited and plan to get together with her soon.

I sold two copies of my novel Winter Awakening and one of the anthology Of Fur and Fire. My stock is getting a bit low and so I need get a few more copies. I normally don't because my publisher and I attend the sames cons. I'm also thinking of getting a minion. More on that at a later date.

Talked with my collaborating author Julie, caught up with Peter, Chris, Quincy, Kathryn, Guy, Sam, and several others. A few members of my filk group were there as well. They came by and said hello.

Had to leave early because I worked on Sunday. I was scheduled for one panel that day but Ashlyn covered for me. I'll have to find out how the panel went. It sounded like a good one. Sex and Violence in YA novels.

All in all. A very successful con. Had several authors asking what my next editing project is. Told them they'd have to wait until MileHiCon to find out. I even had one author approach me and want to be included. I'm very stunned, thrilled, and happy at the weekend outcome.

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