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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Off ot the publisher

Well, God's Gift is edited and returned to my publisher WolfSinger Publications. I added a dedication and changed my bio. I'm also amazed at what a well written book it is. Then again, I haven't looked at it for over a year. I surprised even myself at how well I covered all the bases, while yet leaving an avenue open for a sequel.

Originally, the book was supposed to be stand alone. However, I got to the end of it and went, but what about...? And so, there will be second, which my publisher has already asked me about. Maybe more, depending on how long it takes me to write the entire story arc.

In the meantime, there are two short stories written in the same universe. Pack Rule which will appear in Tails from the Front line and Homefall Search in the anthology Different Dragons. The characters from the latter will be appearing in the series.

So, I'm taking a breather, a brief one, before I start my next novel.

And if you're at Myths and Legends Con, I will be there Friday evening and Saturday. I'm on a total of four panels, two on each day. Sunday, I have to work. Am looking forward to catching up with friends and making some new ones.

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