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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pondering Next Year's Goals

This has been a very busy year. I've had quite a number of short stories published not to mention editing Time Traveling Coffers.

Next year I'm already planning on what my goals should be. Tentatively they will be:

1. Edit Different Dragons. There could be two volumes. Have already talked with publisher about possible release dates not to mention compiling an invite list for the second.

2. Finish Winter Emergence. I have those who have read Winter Awakening wanting to know what happens next.

3. Pitch my romance Worth the Wait. I have a publisher in mind who is searching for books for the over 50 crowd.

5. Pitch a Tween/Young Adult series involving winged cats. I've already informed by two young collaborators I might have found a market for it. They're excited.

6. Several short story submissions. Although, I think I'll slow down a bit in this arena.

7. Shaking, terrified, I'm thinking of pitching a series to either Baen or Tor.

8. Possible collaboration with a fellow writer to see if her vampire hunting dog and my vampire cats might be combined in a story/series.

9. Taking advantage of anything that comes my way.

Now bear in mind, all these goals are in between life, my day job, caring for the cats and my spouse.

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