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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Role of the Writer : Accountant and Record Keeper

Last in the series of Role of the Writer, is Accountant and Record Keeper. The Record Keeper is the one who keeps track of submissions, where they go, whether or not they're accepted, contracts received and returned, when books are released, and if they're editing, many of the same details. I personally use Excel speadsheets.

The Accountant tracks the finances. Payments and how received for accepted stories or books. Money spent on conventions or conferences, or books to sell, postage, and whether the writer makes money or looses it. I even track contributors copies whether printed or electronic.

For the past two years I've lost money. This year, I'm hoping to break even.

Final word. If you thought being a writer was all glamor. I hope this series sets you straight.

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