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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Current Published List

For those who are curious, here's my publishing list, to date. Many of available either from Amazon or the Publisher

1. Novel

A. Winter Awakening
WolfSinger Publications

2. Edited

B. Of Fur and Fire
Behemoth & several poems
DreamZion Publishing
C. Time Traveling Coffers
Danger Said the Dragon
WolfSinger Publications

3. Anthologies

D. All About Eve
The Cat's Creation Tale
WolfSinger Publications

E. FTST#4: Space Horrors
Chosen One
Flying Pen Press

F. Throw Down Your Dead - An Anthology of Western Horror
No Trespassing
Sonar 4 Publications - Publisher closed their doors - Out of Pring

G. Frost Bitten Fantasies
The Storm
Dreamzion Publishing

H. Zombified - An Anthology of all things Zombie
Mighty Fine
Sky Warrior Boosk - ebook only

I. A Taste of Armageddon
WolfSinger Publications

J. Women of the Living Dead - A Zombie Anthology
Mandie's Zombies
Open Casket Press

K. Tales of the Talisman (Magazine)
Welcomed Cast Outs  (Poem)
Rhysling Nominee
Hadrosaur Productions

L. FTST#6 : Space Battles
Flying Pen Press

M. Earth's End - An Apocalyptic Anthology
Open Casket Press

N. Strange Summer Mysteries - A day at the Beach
Drip, Drip, Drip
Whortleberry Press

O. Tales of the Talisman (Magazine)
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Hadrosaur Productions

P. The Undead that Saved Christmas
Bast's Christmas Presents
Rainstorm Press

Q. 31 More Nights of Halloween
Rainstorm Press

R. Strange Halloween
Whortleberry Press

S. Gunslingers and Ghost Stories
The Ruins
Science Fiction Trails

T. Strange Christmas
Best Gift
Whortleberry Press

I have several other stories accepted but they haven't been released yet.


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