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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Twists and Turns

Been a busy weekend for me. I managed to edit two stories for Supernatural Colorado and added a chapter to my book Winter Emergence. The latter I will be copying on my thumb drive, taking it to our local filk,in a couple of weeks and running it past my two young adult beta readers.

Since work has me a 'busy' project, I have mental time to plot so I'm working on my book  and coming up with some interesting twists, including who is going to die at the end. I'm not sure how my readers are going to react to the characters' deaths. I'M not even sure how I feel about it.

I also sold two copies of my first book Winter Awakening to co-workers. I don't actively solicit. I just tell folks I'm a writer and if they express an interest, I offer to sell them an autographed copy. Not everyone takes me up on it, but a few accept.


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