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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Resting and Catching up

Normally, I write and edit on Sundays. Instead, I decided to take the entire weekend off and watch TV programs that featured dinosaurs. I watched the entire season of Primeval New World and the first three and last two episodes of Terra Nova. Both of which are excellent shows that the networks killed too soon.

On Tuesday, I attended my local writer's meeting. Had a great time sharing with everyone and catching up. Even had a couple of folks stop me afterwards to ask questions and pick my brains about what I know in regards to the Science Fiction genre. I tend to keep my foot in both the secular main stream and the up and coming Christian Speculative.

What I will say is the writers of Christian Speculative are very good at coming up with new ideas or twists and turns on old themes. Their writing is excellent. If you would like to check them out, I suggest looking at titles from either Marcher Lord Press or Splash Down Books. Both can be found online.

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