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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Fanfiction Stories

Last week was a fanfiction week. I wrote a new story called Never Forgotten, and post two others on that had been previously published in a fanzine.

Never Forgotten begins at end of both Terra Nova and Primeval New World. Evan and Dylan had just escaped through the anomaly and suddenly find themselves in an ancient world. A patrol from Terra Nova finds them and takes them to the colony. In the future, Angie is determined to find them and bring them home, but why the anomalies stopped is a mystery, and just what is that strange object sitting in the courtyard?

The other two stories were originally published in Diamonds and Dynamite 1 & 2.

Happened Before and Again is a massive crossover featuring the universes of Stargate Atlanis and Stargate SG1, Falling Skies, both Battlestar Galactica 1978 & 2001, plus Caprica. The story is told from the viewpoint of Atlantis and her prime directive to protect the city at all costs. Inhabitants come and go and she watches them trying to decide if she should allow to stay or sent them on.

Recalled  is another crossover featuring Stargate Atlantis, the movie Change of Plans, Charmed, Kindred, and a number of surprises. Colonel John Sheppard is recalled to active duty just as he and his wife Sally are preparing to adopt four children. They leave their home in Ohio and journey to San Francisco where are series of bizarre killings are happening in the Golden Gate Park. They cross paths with three women who are also hunting the killer. John must decide which is more important, stopping the killer or protecting his family.

If interested in reading these tales, they can found at: www.fanficiton. net/~dragonlots

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