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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

CoSine Postscript

Cosine, a local Science Fiction Convention, was held over the weekend and I made the trek, even staying in the hotel, to attend. It was a marvelous weekend of reconnecting with friends, or making new ones, and networking. Not to mention supporting one of our locals who recently suffered a loss. I know he got many hugs over the two and half days.
I was on a few panels including Sidekicks, Cats and Robots, talking about the role of supporting characters. I think the most popular was Dr. Watson in the Sherlock Holmes series. The other was Deus ex Magica, which the guest of honor S.M. Stirling was on along with Sarah Hoyt, which turned into talking about world building rather than the rules of using magic.

There were two nights of Filking with Jordan Kare, one of the guesst. Most of Denverfilk was there and we had a great time sharing songs and sometimes just visiting.

There was also a mass autographing session, a huge popular event where authors get to meet their current and potential readers. I sat next to my publisher and she sold several books.

I attended a few panels just to listen and learn.

Oh, and this year when I had my reading I had three people show up. Last year only one person did. I consider that a win!

The only sad thing is that there will be no CoSine next year. The same small group has been running it and they need a break . Whether this convention continues at a future date remains to be seen. It is small and intimate and most of us who attend absolutely love it!

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